Antique looks for new capitol location

Antique provincial government is looking for a new location, around one to two hectares, to transfer the capitol building.

Antique Governor Rhodora J. Cadiao, in an interview Monday, said the provincial government is pursuing the plan to transfer the capitol to a less crowded area here.

“We intend to transfer the capitol to a less congested area but still within San Jose de Buenavista,” Cadiao said.

Cadiao said the local finance committee under the Executive Office has been tasked to look for a new site.

She said the capitol is currently located in the business district area here with heavy vehicular traffic.

“The capitol building will be constructed phase by phase since I don’t want the provincial government to acquire a loan for it,” she said, adding that the construction cost will be sourced from the savings of the province.

Meanwhile, the governor added that San Jose de Buenavista is also planning to transfer the municipal hall to Barangay Funda.

“Mayor (Elmer) Untaran said that the municipal hall is going to be transferred because also of the traffic congestion,” she said.

Untaran, in a previous interview, said the municipal government is even planning to put up a traffic light along the street beside the town hall because of the traffic. (By Annabel Consuelo Petinglay, PNA | Photo by Benjie Layug)

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