Meet 8 lovely candidates of Mutya ng Guimaras 2019

Eight lovely candidates from the five municipalities of island province of Guimaras will once again nudge each other out for coveted Mutya ng Manggahan 2019 crown!

One of the highlights of the renowned Manggahan Festival, the Mutya ng Manggahan pageant is the annual beauty search of the province for its next tourism ambassadress. The winner will embody not only the physical attributes, beauty, talent and intelligence of the Guimarasnons but should also have that smile that mesmerizes, a smile as sweet as the world-famous mangoes of Guimaras.

The pre-pageant activities are the Resort Wear Competition which will be hosted by the Municipality of San Lorenzo on April 6, the Swimwear Competition at the Municipality of Sibunag on April 13, Festival Costume Competition at the Municipality of Nueva Valencia on April 23, Casual Wear Competition on April 28 at the Municipality of Buenavista, and Talent Competition on May 4 to be held at the Municipality of Jordan.

The pageant will culminate with a Grand Coronation Night on May 19 at the Capitol Gym, Municipality of Jordan.

The candidates were also presented to members of Iloilo media and bloggers on April 5 at Seda Hotel Iloilo. Here they are:

Mutya ng Guimaras 2019 Official Candidates

Densie Galvan

Densie is 18 years old and resides in Dasal, Sibunag, Guimaras . She is a student of the University of Iloilo PHINMA taking up Computer Programming of the K-12 curriculum.

Mutya ng Guimaras candidate Densie Galvan

Densie is a consistent honor student and has received a leadership award recently. She is a member of PHINMA University Student Council and have joined Mutya ng Sibunag 2019. For her, joining the Mutya ng Guimaras is an opportunity to be known and to have the privilege to inspire people. This motivates her further to do her very best.

Her advocacy in life is to be an instrument to strengthen children’s faith in Christianity. She believes that in teaching and upholding our Christian beliefs to children, they will tread the right path in life. She also believes that change should start within ourselves and in little things. Denise strongly believes that children should have spiritual guidance at an early age. Sharing the word of God and being of help in strengthening faith is her definition of LOVE.

Ryda Mae Ga Tutong

Ryda Mae Ga Tutong is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Cruise Ship Management from John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University Molo. She is 22 year old, and hails from San Nicolas, Buenavista, Guimaras.

Mutya ng Guimaras 2019 candicate Ryda Mae Ga Tutong

Ryda lost her father at an early age. Since then she was solely raised by her mother who made her more aware and appreciative of optimism and positivism in life. As one of the many ways of giving back to mother’s love and sacrifices, she is joining Mutya ng Guimaras 2019.

Ryda loves to sing, dance and play the flute during her early years. She is also into lip synchronization. She was awarded as 1st runner up for Miss Buenavista 2015 and 2nd runner up for Miss Buenavista 2019. Her advocacy is for the betterment of the youth. Ryda believes that the youth is vulnerable in many aspects and she can relate to them. She wants to inspire and be inspired.

Elisha Lorraine Abella

Elisha Lorraine Abella, “Lor “to her friends was born on February 21, 1998. She resides at Rizal, Jordan, Guimaraes and graduated Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology at Central Philippine University. She is both a dancer and a singer. She was awarded as Miss Jordan 2018.

Mutya ng Guimaras 2019 candicate Elisha Lorraine Abella

She always wanted to be a fashion designer and be a part of the modelling industry. If given the chance, she would enhance her skills and flair for fashion, pursue her dreams and be recognized in her own way. She gives her greatest admiration to her mother and dreams to give her the life she wants as a way of paying tribute to her Mom’s hard work for her.
Elisha’s strong faith in God keeps her focused on the things God wants her to do. Her advocacies are for the prevention of violence against women and for the promotion of women empowerment.

Lorenz Jane Amatorio

19 year old Lorenz Jane Amatorio is from Hoskyn, Jordan, Guimaras. She is currently studying at Iloilo Doctor’s College. She is a class salutatorian in elementary and a consistent honor student up to now.

Mutya ng Guimaras 2019 candidate Lorenz Jane Amatorio

A proud dancer for Hubon Bulantihan, she admires Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach. For Lorenz, Pia’s kindness is timeless and her attributes made Lorenz realize that being a queen doesn’t only mean wearing the crown in one’s head but also wearing it by heart.

Her advocacy is for Coastal clean-up and Cultural Preservation. She believes in putting greater value to our culture and heritage. She is an advocate of coastal clean-up for the preservation of their very own “Tultul “, a brick like salt. She wants to show the world the beauty and wonders of Guimaras Island.

Joegie Kaye Pabillo

Representing Brgy Millan, Sibunag, Guimaras is 16-year-old Joegie Kaye Pabillo. “ Gie “ to her friends was awarded as 1st runner up for Miss Sibunag 2019 and Ms. YES – O GUIMARAS 2019. She is also a consistent honor student.

Mutya ng Guimaras 2019 candidate Joegie Kaye Pabillo

Joegie wants to take up Agriculture because she sees herself as a game changer of her generation. At her young age, this lady wants to be involved in Agriculture, which she believes is an industry that is taken for granted.

Her advocacy is for the support of Guimaras’ farmers. She has seen the farmers’ hard work in ensuring a good produce to provide food to the community, regardless of them not earning enough for their own families.

Gie believes that joining Mutya ng Guimaras 2019 will give her the attention she needs to pursue such advocacy. And by that, she will take it as an opportunity to encourage the youth of her age to be involved in agriculture for the future. And when winning the crown, Gie will show to the people that beauty queens do not just walk on runways but can also get their feet buried in mud working with farmers.

Jannah Glycel Geraldine Poncy

Coming from Sitio Talisay, Poblacion, Nueva Valencia Guimaras is Jannah Glycel Geraldine Poncy.

Mutya ng Guimaras 2019 candidate Jannah Glycel Geraldine Poncy

At 15, she’s been active in social activities that promotes and benefits the welfare of the community. Because of her focus and desire to inspire, she was listed as one of the first 2 female Guimarasnons as an International Movie Celebrity in 2018 . She was also awarded as Miss GPRISAA 2019 and MISS NUEVA VALENCIA AMBASADRESS OF TOURISM 2018.

As deep as her passion in music, Jannah wants very much to help the less fortunate. At a very young age, she already has the mature mind and the heart to provide what she can to help.

She is an actress for a French- Filipino Film that features the beautiful beaches of Guimaras and the ruins of Guisi Light house. This makes her prouder of being a Guimarasnon. This young lady also is an aspiring traveller who hopes to see the world and get to know the different cultures of each place she will visit.

Krista Marie Viñas

20 year old Krista Marie Viñas was born on May 14, 1998. Coming from East Valencia, Buenavista, Guimaras, this young lady does almost everything, including beauty pageants with flying colors.

Mutya ng Guimaras 2019 candidate Krista Marie Viñas

Excelling in academics, she is one of the scholars of Buenavista. The passing away of her father made her realize that life is short and one should make the most out of it.

Her inspiration in life is her family. For her, she is not what she is today without them.
Tala is a firm believer that all of us are equally beautiful. She is confident that this Mutya ng Guimaras 2019 will be both an honor and a responsibility for her.

Irynne Jo Vilches

Irynne Jo Andrada Vilches is 18 years old and lives in San Enrique, San Lorenzo, Gumaras.
She graduated with honors in junior high school in a special science class and was awarded as 2nd runner up during Miss Paraw Regatta 2018.

Mutya ng Guimaras 2019 candidate Irynne Jo Vilches

Jo’s inspiration is Bill Gates who’s principle in life is to never allow a failure to hinder you to stand up again and realise your dream of grasping success.

Her greatest dream is to be “Dr. Vilches“ someday. This lady is determined to pursue a degree in medical technology and proceed to Medicine specialising in General Surgery.

She is good in singing and is a choir member of Faith Joy Fundamental Baptist Church.
Jo is proud of how her parents raised her in a Christian family. She considers it as the greatest privilege, the highest act of God’s providence and blessing that she grew up in a Christian home. She believes that to be born into a Christian family is to be born into a house of prayer.
Her advocacy is for the empowerment of people with disability, with low self-esteem, and those who have been degraded. She wants to be the voice of these people and stand up for them because she knows how they feel. Jo wants to show them and everyone that even though they are imperfect, they are valuable and they are worth more than they think.

Which one do you think will be the next Mutya ng Guimaras queen?

The Mutya ng Guimaras 2019 is presented by the Office of Provincial Tourism, Provincial Government of Guimaras and organized by Travel and Marketing Experts Corp. (TMX).

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