PRC posts FAQs on CPD Implementation

PRC clarifies some important points about CPD implementation by posting answers to frequently asked questions about the new law.

MANILA – The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) published on Wednesday an updated list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on its services, and it now included main points on new Continuing Professional Development law and its implementation.

Republic Act No. 10912, otherwise known as the “Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Act of 2016”, is a new law which requires CPD as the mandatory requirement for the renewal of Professional Identification Card.

The Standards and Inspection Division – CPD Unit of the agency came up with 20 questions and answers about it, and here are few of our takeaways from the list, which is also embedded below.

When is the implementation of R.A. No. 10912?
R.A. No. 10912 will be implemented upon the effectivity of General Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) and the Individual Operational Guidelines of each profession.

When the General IRR will be issued? The General IRR is expected to be issued this coming March 2017.

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When is the start to require CPD units for the renewal of Professional Identification Card? Starting July 2017, PRC will require CPD units for the renewal of Professional Identification Cards.

Are Senior Citizens exempt from CPD requirement? No. The law does not provide any exemption from CPD compliance for the renewal of Professional Identification Card.

How about the licensed professionals who are working overseas? Licensed professionals working overseas may attend trainings/seminars conducted by the foreign chapters or affiliates of accredited CPD Providers. They may also attend trainings/seminars conducted by non-accredited CPD Providers and apply for credit units under Self-Directed Learning and/or Lifelong Learning.

Meanwhile the IRR of R.A. 10912 is not yet issued, can I still renew my Professional Identification Card?
Yes. You can still renew your Professional Identification Card without the CPD requirement. However, for those professionals whose Professional Regulatory Laws require CPD credit units prior to the renewal of Professional Identification Cards, compliance with CPD remains mandatory.

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Here’s the full list of FAQs on CPD:

Let’s wait for the CPD Implementing Rules and Regulations and the Operational Guidelines by each profession which will be issued this March 2017. Please share this post to all professionals who have questions about this new law.

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